Tr. Thu Thu


- a hardworking and motivated who has acquired extensive knowledge in the field through the study of English at degree level.

- an enthusiastic person working with group and team. With over 5 years of experiences in teaching not only IGCSE English as a Secondary language but also 4 skills especially grammar basic level to intermediate upper.

- She achieved Bachelor of degree English specialization from Mawlamyine University.

In 2016, as an English guide at Border. Since 2017 I started Grammar teacher when she was a university student and as a home-teaching.;

Education and Experience

Bachelor of degree English Specialization

Diploma in Professional Business English with Distinction (ABE Adorsed)

INternational Certificate in Business English (OSG/Ceder)


Basic Chinese

Certificate in Business Management

TKT Module 1.2.3;

- 5 years experiences for teaching English Grammar basic and intermediate level.

- started teaching form 2015. And then guided Grade-10 students at Shwe Myine Border in Myine Thar Yar. She have been teaching English grammar in use for 3 years. Now she is teaching English Grammar for intermediate level students ;